Thursday, October 2, 2008

Requiem for a dream.

I am not one to grow angry easily.. but this fire has gone beyond a simple burning into an all-out inferno. The actions of the Congress have gone beyond simple abuses into an all-out refusal to operate under the conditions and needs of the people, and the states. Such a refusal is a direct violation of due process, and is outside the powers of the Constitution itself, which I am sworn to uphold and preserve.

By what power do they pass bills with no debate, no vote, no discussion? In under a grand total of one minute, then redact the record with information prepared beforehand?

Is this democracy, or dictatorship? Is it so grand and good an idea that the ideals of republicanism, and democracy cannot be seen nor heard within the House of Representatives, and the Senate?

Have we grown so unimportant to our congressmen and senators, that no other states other than those employing sneaky tactics in the judiciary should be given a chance to pass bills?

By what power, what warrant, has the Senate and Congress come to this? By what power can they delegate legislation to the Executive, by what right dare they to seize the monetary supply and mandate the bills to nationalize the financial system, after the house of Representatives, representing the people have rejected it?

Yet they have done so! By what power dare they to seize the rights of individual citizens, and by writ abrogate their very humanity into a footnote in the law, and subject them to extreme, and cruel treatment, and by what farce of logic can they claim these actions to still be regulatory, when they dare not place the actions before the House, or Senate, for open vote or open debate?

Is the common good more important than individual rights? Is it not true that individual rights comprise the core of the common good? If these rights are not respected, rights which were mandated, not by government, but by a recognition of ancient proportions, a recognition of a mandate beyond government, can we still say that the powers which were founded upon the basis of those rights are still valid, still proportional, and as their expansion ate further into those rights, still Constitutional?

It is in vain after these occurrences that we continue to indulge the House, the Senate, and the Executive with their control over the Judiciary in the creation of a monopolistic, autocratic, and dictatorial government based in the powers of corporate entities rather than the powers ceded by the people in the interests of the common good.

People have had enough. What good is it to be able to get a loan, when we cannot afford fuel for transportation, cannot afford food nor housing, cannot even perform the basic functions of a civil society, down to the most basic of human needs? By what power, what writ do they accomplish such things? It certainly is not in the Constitution.

By what power do they mandate the creation of 'registries' that are neither regulatory nor civil, but punitive to the core, and admittedly so, glossed over in a veneer of fiction so thin one could peel it off with a fingernail?

By what power do they disenfranchise their people, disarm them, disregard their will, their vote, their property, and place them in economic servitude for generations?

Did we not cede them that power in the beginning, and did they not create, sustain, and uphold an oath to make that power subservient to the will of the people, the constitution, and furthermore, on the conditions that these rights be never infringed in the least form, and that the power must remain subservient to the people?

It is in vain to continue in this matter, for they have shown their true colors... like the Redcoats of the past, they are come to bind upon the people of the United States chains, chains of law, chains of writ, and later, chains of steel.

I care not what course others may take. I have my direction, I have it by oath and conscience, and I will defend the Constitution until my dying breath, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The constitution, however, is more than a document. It is a spirit, an intent, and a contract written in the best intentions of men. It was, and remains a contract designed with the intention, and utmost purpose, of preventing the majority from removing any rights from the minority, as well as providing for the rights of man, by providing for their needs for a common defense.

In these things it has utterly, completely, and recklessly failed. In the lust for power, the Congress, the Senate, and the Executive and Judiciary have disregarded, and lost the spirit, the conviction, and the nature of the constitution, and replaced it with Dictatorship.

It is enough.. and time enough to condemn them utterly for what they have done.

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