Thursday, October 16, 2008

Politics summed up:

It's manure. We know it's manure, but we have a choice of the type of manure. We've got one flavor of manure (from donkeys) and a flavor from elephants. Then we get to choose if the manure is pork fried, or boiled with pork.

Meanwhile, America is sitting on the fence, wishing that the manure wouldn't be served, but each voter more worried about getting fed the type of manure that they hate more. So one side will vote against the other side, by choosing the one that they hate least. Meanwhile, over in the corner, the constitutional/libertarian candidates may be full of manure, but at least it is a different flavor, which everyone is scared of. It might not even be manure at all, but people are too worried that voting for the one not offering manure will mean they end up with their least favorite variety of manure.

So, rather than voting for the potential of not having manure, both sides vote for the manure they know, and hate less, than the manure the opposing main side offers... and so manure spreads all over.

Maybe it's time to look around and admit we're being fed manure, rather than pretending it's filet mingnon, or spinach, which is at least good for you and somewhat similar in appearance. It doesn't matter how you bake, boil, or fry it, manure covered in pork fat is still manure.

It doesn't matter which animal it comes from, it's all manure, and pretending it's not and holding your nose while you eat it isn't really helping you get your needs met.

For the full impact of this article, simply replace 'manure' with the more common name for the substance.

Thank you and have a nice day,
I'm Tried By Conscience, and I approve of this message.

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