Friday, October 3, 2008


I wish to congratulate the Congress... in its creation of an autocracy. For violation after violation of the spirit, and the letter of the Constitution. For raping, pillaging, and burning the very nation they were elected to represent.

Senators, you represent your state's interests... but that does not give you the right, nor the power to subjugate the other states to your will. Autocratic exercise of that power, by 'unanimous consent', with no vote, is no less dictatorial than any of the dictates of Saddam Hussein, and no less a terrorist act against the nation than the events of 9/11.

Sad to say that it has come to this. Is it any wonder that less than four percent of those surveyed approve of the actions of congress? That's getting to be a mighty damned small margin, ladies and gentlemen... those of you who still believe in the Constitution, and the founding principles behind it, look at your comrades, look at what they have done! They have subverted, and destroyed the very nature of the system that gave them the power... and you, in your silence are complicit to their actions.

Your house rules have failed. Your senate rules have failed, and we no longer have a representative republic, we have a ham-handed group of dictators running the country through trickery and deceit who have neither respect for, nor any love or loyalty for, the very principles that they were sworn to uphold and protect.

Congratulations on ushering in dictatorship in our country. Congratulations for creating a situation where we, as a people, have become more and more the servants of a government that was instituted to serve our needs. And congratulations on the storm that is rapidly rising within our country.

You have created a storm where insurrection is rapidly becoming the word on the street... who knows what spark might set it off? The realization that their vote counts for nothing? That your promises count for naught at all, that their desires, and their rights count for less than toilet paper in your lust for power?

That is neither the principles nor the practice behind the government that you were instituted in, to serve the people. You, as congressmen, are our representation to the government, in the house, our state's representation in the senate. You are the guardians we imposed upon our will, and you have failed.

You have failed in such a spectacular, and blatant fashion, and in such a willful and malicious means, that it is entirely culpable, and further, those persons responsible have placed the onus of title 18 of the US code straight upon your heads, with willful and malicious action to attack the rights of voters, the rights of citizens, resulting in some cases in death, which is a felony, for which the maximum sentence is death. There is no congressional immunity from this.

The forefathers foresaw this. The federalist papers discussed it. The Federalist 44 discussed the nature of attainder, the nature of erosion of rights and immunities of the nation. The federalist 57 discussed the very means by which you could be recognized, and you tore all of that down. The federalist 84 discussed these things again, and laid down the track for the nation to follow, and warned against these usurpations.

And you have broken all of the warnings given in the beginning. Bravo, ladies and gentlemen. Bravo, Congress. You've ransacked the country long enough, and it's time to be brought to heel and remember whom you serve, and to be held responsible for both your inaction, and your actions that, by their very nature, rob the entirety of the people, for generations to come, and due to your ex-post-facto and attainder rulings, this generation for actions already paid for by the rule of law.

The erosion of the writ of habeas corpus as well can be placed at your feet. The destruction of any reasonable measure of representation stands at your side. Before you stands a shield of 'congressional immunity' and rules and regulations designed to promulgate and continue your excess and waste. The decimation of the Bill of rights, natural rights simply recognized by the government, and the guards thereof, can be squarely placed on your shoulders.

You might want to look at your masters in the shadows as well.. for they will just as easily plunge a dirk in your back as assist you, after you have betrayed your citizens, and your states.

Look to the future you have written, and weep. It is written there, amongst the 900+ cubic meters of code. Look, not just to what you have done, but what you have done in conjunction with others in the past. Look at what you have lost, and stolen from the people. Trillions of dollars in debt, hundreds of trillions in money made up out of thin air, assets created by fairy dust and happy thoughts.

Short sales of stocks leading to the financial crisis, speculation and rampant spending, inflationary printing, prohibited under the constitution as implemented, emergency powers eroding the barriers between the legislature and the executive, emergency powers stealing the power of the judiciary and the states, and by insidious reason considering it to be virtuous and goodly, because it was necessary and proper to institute these laws for the good of the people.

Where is that good now? It is travelling into the very pockets of those that have robbed the people, and that you share your homes, your offices, and your congressional seat with.

Congratulations. May you get what's coming to you, good or ill.

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