Saturday, October 11, 2008

Remember... the beginning of the dream.

Remember who you are.. and why you are. Remember what was lost, then gained. We cannot fight this in a spirit of hate, but in a spirit of compassion for all our fellow men. Our government has turned its back on us... but it is still our government. Perhaps it is time to remind our government the reason for which it was created, instituted, and upheld.

Before we lack the power of remonstrance and remediation, let us use those powers.. and should they fail, remember what was said in the Federalist 26. Remember the chart, and course of the Federalist Papers, as they laid out the future, and the reasons for our government.. and look to what is lost... before it is lost forever.

Sometimes truth comes from the strangest places. If you want to know the truth... want to know what happened to our country, turn to the past. It is lots of reading, but read the federalist 26, the federalist 57, the federalist 44. Read the federalist 84. This is a start. This is your key to understanding who you are, why you feel like you've lost control over your world. it is why we wonder where our country is going, where it is headed.

Why does your government lie to you? Often it is out of the best of intentions, the intention to preserve and protect. The government, however, forgets it is not a parent, and forgets that, as much as it might wish to protect, we must make our own errors in some instances.

And we must pay their price... not asking others to do so, not turning away from the cost. My oath is to the Constitution. It is, and must always be, not just to the paper, which is meaningless without the spirit, but the spirit and intent as well.

I may die.. but that spirit will live on, so long as any heart beats and yearns to be free.

That is the fatal flaw, after all, to tyranny. Mankind is bred, and born, and has some innate, curious power, that desires more. That emptiness inside you, that hopelessness, that thing, that spark for which you're searching... is your own self-determination. Your evaluation of yourself as an actor, you feel lacking, out of control. You see, not for wisdom, but for temporal things.. and often don't even know what you're seeking when you ask for wisdom.

Freedom is not something that can be legislated into place, nor taken. It is something that is innate, something pre-existing our government, living before our constitution, before our civilization. It burns in the hearts of men. When they try to take it away, it never leaves.

It cannot. It's borne inside of you, not the trappings you see outside. It's self-determination, and learning to control one's own self, rather than anything around you. Real power is calm, quiet, and deep. The ocean may spawn the hurricane, but the hurricane can never spawn the ocean. Over time, even the stones wear away before that power, even the earth trembles beneath its touch. It is self-mastery.

For the patriot, the tools are there, as they always were. It is the act of patriotism to brave the abuse and punishment, an act of courage to choose your path, in spite of the costs to yourself, and your family.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

It was we the people who established the government, not the government that established the people. When the bonds placed upon the government's trust are broken, and the trust shattered, is the government still just, or an establishment that can be preserved?

Ask yourselves, how many of the aspects of the Declaration of Independence is our government in violation of?

And how much of our Constitution has fallen in its grip?

What is to be done about it? that's up to you. I cannot help you further, you must chart your own course. I can say, however, that your latitude and longitude can be found in the writings of the Federalists and Antifederalists, in the Constitutional Congress and the speeches of Patrick Henry, James Madison, and the works of Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson.

The course which we have followed can be charted by those works... the origin, then the permutations on our path with the Civil War, and the acts creating the Federal Reserve, the Emergency powers of 1933's Farm Bill.

The truth is plain... if you will just look for it.

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