Friday, August 7, 2009

Tried By Conscience.

I may be a fallen man, but this is a fallen world. And it is my duty, my honour, and my right to change myself, and my world I find myself in.

No more will I allow injustice, victimization, and harm where I might help. No more will I allow tyranny and fear to hold the hearts and minds of man.

No more inequality, no more injustice.

In this false and fallen world... the most difficult thing of all is to do the right thing, and to know that it is the right thing. To do it no matter the cost, no matter the pain, no matter the fear.

To try, and to end injustice, even at the cost of all you care for, and everyone you love.

That.. is the ultimate trial of conscience. That is the quest. That is the dream. Ending injustice, ending harm, ending victims, and ending... abuse of all sorts.

Oh the trumpets are calling, now call me to rise, yes the trumpets are calling to me.

And wherever I ride, ever staunch at my side, my squire and my lady will be.

Long ago.. I saw this, and changed my life.

Without redemption, can any man be anything more than a criminal? Can any man overcome his past, when it comes back so oft and destroys his dreams? Can any man love society when society rejects him? Can any man embrace redemption, when redemption is repudiated?

We are all human. We have always been.

And it's time for a change. Humanity, who has so long been full of hate, so long full of anger... it's time to embrace something new. True equality under the law. Punishments, just punishments for transgressions, but not torture, not undending punishment for a past we cannot change, when the conscience sears our souls every day, those of us who wish to change.

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