Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The simplest explanation.

Let us explain our reasons then.
I paid the price that the law had laid, I took the time that the justice said,
I paid in years that can't be repaid, but you are not sated,
I swallowed the bitter pill, ignored the blood that you had spilt,
all those that your law had kil't, but still you hold us hated.
So we now rise up as people, destined, promised, to be equal,
Citizens yet, though you try to repeal, the constitution's limits.
Those limits were the limits to power, though you cross them every hour,
and for that your justice sours, we cannot let you forget.
You claim the power to change the past, but you hold not justice fast,
you touch the storm and the oceans rumble, but law unfounded crumbles,
Saying safety you reached for things, forbidden to preserve as liberty sings,
forgot the bell as it rings, and law thus founded fumbles,
For the foundations the law had laid, laid the law, equal made,
caught and wrought in what we had saved, for the people only.
You claim that we can't be forgiven, for what other purpose, shriven,
for what purpose yet are we living, lost and hurt and lonely?
The powers were written and were chartered, for the purpose for which were martyred,
thousands of patriots departed, the rights were ours, only.
Attainder writ against a class, for the purpose they have passed,
still is attainder yet at last, still a tool of tyrants.
All such roads lead to slavery, if not fought and caught thus bravely,
and by the living God that made me, must be brought to justice,
There is no power to steal from people, that which makes the law so equal,
that which guards the life itself, so endless.
For the earth that still yet living, in the justice the law was giving,
was a guarantee of forgiving, and paying thus their price.
But you say that you raise the price, and for justice no device,
allows you the powers that suffice, to mete out 'justice' twice.

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