Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If it saves one child...

How does the Adam Walsh act affect you? You might ask 'why should it affect me, I'm not a sex offender or pedophile'. The truth is, though, it does affect you. First of all, someone has to pay for it. I'm not saying the act is right or wrong, only that it needs to be paid for. That money has to come out of someone's pockets, and because of the existing acts, and the Adam Walsh act, more and more of the sex offenders cannot afford to pay for it, which means that they'll end up in prison, ultimately costing more as they then cannot contribute in taxes, in generated income, and in general to the economy.

There are other costs, however, than simple economic costs. The sex offender registry comprises everyone that's convicted of a sex offense, from misdomeanor offenses to felonies. The registry itself creates a system where, even if you were convicted of a misdomeanor, failure to register or follow the rules of the registry is a felony. In some cases, it can be a life sentence in prison. If an offender moves between states, even after a complete pardon or exoneration, they can be placed back on the registry in the receiving state.

Why does this affect you? You're not a felon, right, or having a sexual misdomeanor! Well, consider this... they're now using the same arguments as they used for sex offenders to punish those that got the contractual bonuses, and claiming that by making it regulatory, regardless of the real intent, they can take the money back. Regulatory laws... with felony punishments, targeted to a specific set of people or class of people. The regulatory system expands with each instance of such laws. Imagine, if you will, having had an unpaid moving violation ticket, a misdomeanor. Using such regulatory laws, they can come in, after the fact, claiming that it is not punishment, and restrict your use of a car.. where you can travel in it, what you can do in your home life, how you have to live, and force you to pay further fines for insurance, for licensure, and even for registration, increase the fines of any traffic ticket, and if necessary use it against you in any other court proceeding that comes up. They can change the rules at any time.

Still think it doesn't affect you? Well... the same regulations govern how you can vote, if you can own a firearm, and often are left to the interpretation of appointed bureaucrats, rather than to the rule of law.

Rights are only rights so long as they are defended for all. Creating classes, for any reason, that are outside of those protections only ensure that such classes will infinitely expand. They say 'if it saves one child, it's worth it', right? Well, consider how many children are now being charged under it. How many children must be destroyed before one is saved?

If it saves one child... it's arguable that the acts of Congress affect all children, everywhere. They're now further in debt, for generations, than ever before. Who harms the most children, and in the most irrevocable fashions? Well-intentioned laws that destroy their rights, their immunities, their liberty and freedom ensure that no child will ever grow up... unmolested by the government, and with the liberties that were to be ensured into perpetuity.

Harming anyone is wrong... whether by law, or by action. Perhaps it is time to hold our legislators, or bureaucrats, our congressmen, our police officers, our corporations to task for the harm that they do, and our lawyers, judges, and those that execute the law for the harm they permit.

After all... if it saves one child...

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