Friday, March 13, 2009

A blessing for all.

The objective is not an easy one... it be not worth it if it were so. The greatest gift of liberty is given to all men, not to a few, and cannot be taken from any man save by his own compliance. Hatred cannot be part of who we are.. and is the greatest enemy any man can face, for it comes from within, from the deepest, most secret parts of our own soul, where too often we cannot face.

I bless you therefore with a blessing and a curse... may your lives be forever worth living, may the load you bear be bearable, and should it not, may you have the courage to change your own world, in spite of the uncertainty of so changing. May you be surrounded by persons of courage, conviction, and certainty, by those willing to question, to challenge, and to help you form yourself into the best being you can be.

May your chains be forged not from slavery, but from freedom, bound to the service of liberty and your fellow man, not from compulsion but from compassion. May your lives be forever full of understanding, and may your souls be tried with that understanding evermore. May you never again turn your backs upon the weak, the suffering, and try your own hearts for the hatred therein contained, and heal from that hatred, with all the trials and tribulations that are required.

May you, forever, grow upon the path of love and understanding, forever reach out into the shadows to find the truth, and grasping it, make it part of you, and let it shine forth to banish that darkness.

May you find that precarious peace you seek, and live it to its fullest, grasp the whirlwind and ride it, even if it leaves you battered and torn, only to rise again to challenge the universe. May you realize that you, and all others, are human, and only human... with all the failings and greatness that entails.

And may you find, and spread, freedom and peace for its own sake.

Tried By Conscience.

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