Monday, December 15, 2008

When is it enough?

I wish I could say I was still ashamed of the United States... I really wish I could, because that would mean that my expectations were still high.

At this point, however, I cannot admit to high expectations, or any expectations really. Stupidity seems to be the status quo. Sometimes I wonder what they're putting into the water supply in Washington DC.

The Fed responded Dec. 8, saying it’s allowed to withhold internal memos as well as information about trade secrets and commercial information. The institution confirmed that a records search found 231 pages of documents pertaining to some of the requests.

“If they told us what they held, we would know the potential losses that the government may take and that’s what they don’t want us to know,” said Carlos Mendez, a senior managing director at New York-based ICP Capital LLC, which oversees $22 billion in assets.

Your taxpayer dollars hard at work.... you pay the Internal Revenue Service. They report to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve then loans that money to Congress, with interest.

Tax returns? If you're lucky, they're a return of part of the capitalization you pay them to do their job. If you're unlucky, they're a distant dream. The interest on that capital? It's absorbed by the Federal Reserve, and used for further capitalization.

Your work is monetized, and used to back up the Federal Reserve's foreign loans as well. Loans to Afghanistan? Russia? China? The International Monetary fund? All there. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran. Nobody's off the list anymore.

But what do we get out of it? We get told that it's none of our business, because it might damage the assets of central investors.

Umm... Hellooooo in there? Umm... have they replaced the oxygen bottle with laughing gas again?

Now the 'military peacekeeping force' is in the US. Can we guarantee that they won't operate as police officers? How can we monitor what police do?

Are they doing investigations? Do they do arrests? Do they stop cars on the street? Establish roadblocks? Are they asking questions? Do they enter and search homes, businesses, or other premises?

Are they on a clear and established mandate from the community? Does the community still provide their funding?

Oh wait... Army. That's right. If they start acting up, we can't exactly cut their funding and arrest them.

Posse Comitatus? Sorry, the signing statement on the restoration act was the president did not feel that he had to be bound by Congress or the Constitution.

The police state is already here. They're currently enforcing traffic in San Bernadino county, engaging in joint exercises in Texas, Louisiana, and elsewhere.

Under military law you have no rights. You are property of the Federal government, to be disposed of as necessary. How are we being treated now? We're being... disposed of as necessary. Economic sanctions, against the very people who are the basis for governmental power. Warrantless searches, seizures, wiretaps, seizure of property without due process, imprisonment under military commission, without recourse for a lawyer?

Habeas corpus restoration act: Signed with a signing statement saying that the president isn't going to follow it.

So with your money in their hands (your dollar bills, bills of credit under the definition of the Constitution) being capable of being dissolved at any time, for any reason, or no reason, them refusing to show what is backing the bills, then refusing further even to give the commissioning agency (congress) information on the bailout...

Where is the real power here? Now the Federal Reserve can pull the Government's paycheck, the Army's paycheck, your paycheck.

And what do you have to stop them? An army? Oh wait, that's under their control. The National Guard? Federalized. Your police force? Oh, sorry, FEMA authorization under Executive Order authorizes them to be federalized too!

There were reasons for the second amendment, having nothing to do with hunting. They had just come from one tyrannical government, and over the years, we've built another.

The central banks were critical to the British Government's stranglehold.. what are they doing here?

The firearms were not against simple robbers... but against the greatest criminals of all, our own government, your banks, and anyone who would rob us of our freedoms and liberties. Those rights, pre-existent to the constitution, guaranteed free of imposition by that constitution, were to guard our liberties and rights.

Boy, we're doing a really good job.

I mean, what the hell folks? When is it enough? When will you pull your head out of the sand, and realize that this stuff parallels things that have happened before?

All of these are 'police powers' specifically prohibited the Federal Government under Posse Comitatus, and the Bill of Rights.

Where is it all going?

Let's look back in time... This man says it far more eloquently than I.

Does it matter what they call it if all the symptoms are there? Does it matter if they call Martial Law 'Happy Fun Time' if they are exercising martial law?

It is time for us to wake up. The powers in government are ours. We cannot be simultaneously owned by the government, as well as being the owners of government. The two states will inevitably destroy each other. We are not 'Citizens of the United States', nor were we intended to be. We are citizens of our Soverign states, and the government, the Federal Government, is ours. We do not belong to it. We never could, as it is our power that implements and maintains it.

The symptoms you see all around you, the decaying jobs, the decaying morality, the 'crime rate' are all symptoms of the same things... our own ennui destroying our freedoms.

So when do we stop being passive? When do we become proactive in maintaining and utilizing our freedoms, our liberties, our rights?

And if you don't believe that they've exceeded their charter.. think on this. A single vote can pass a law in the Congress, or the Senate, for the entire country if they do not adjourn Sine Die. That single vote... could be for anything, Ladies and Gentlemen.

And does it matter if it is unconstitutional, if we won't stand up for the Constitution? The backing of that document is us... not the US. The powers in the document were ceded from us. The rights in that document we reserved to ourselves explicitly as things which the government was never to touch, in order to preserve our freedoms.

So think about it... and may God have mercy upon your souls.

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