Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cynicism: it's not just for breakfast anymore.

The current President Elect, our 'Candidate for change'... brought in to help with the finances one Paul Volker, from Chase-Manhattan bank. Paul Volker, if you will recall, was the one that, nigh singlehandedly, caused the last recession in 1982, when he decided to 'squeeze the inflation out of the market' by instituting massive interest rate hikes. This policy led to something that was called at the time, "The Third World Debt Crisis".

Meanwhile, in the United States, we've crippled our economic drivers, our factories, our industry. Due to high union wages, high environmental taxes, increased retirement costs, due misinvestment and misallocation of retirement benefits, we've created a class of pensioners that the companies must support by contract, even though they are no longer generating revenue. Were this done by simple trust funds, paid in from their wages, and limited to the payment from those wages, and long-term bond-backed investments, it would be a quite different thing.

We have enough oil, natural gas, iron, coal, aluminium, limestone, oil shale, titanium, gold, silver, uranium, and about any other material needed to run the country for a very, very long time, at the old rate of expansion of use. (Conservative estimates for oil were at 300-500 years, and natural gas potentially for a thousand.). We also have, and had, one of the best industrial complexes in the world... which has since moved offshore, and into foreign countries.

Our economy cannot be driven on service alone. The industrial capacity of the country, for national security reasons, must be such that we produce every critical thing that we need.

We could, properly utilizing the bread basket states alone, feed the world, with food to spare. In the interest of pandering to their lobbyists, however, grain rots in the fields, in the silos, to maintain prices. Fields are left fallow, not to regenerate them, via crop rotation, but due to the interest of controlling crops grown to maintain prices.

Our goods more and more are designed with a lifespan that is... frankly, rediculous. I have an old 1950s sunbeam mixer... that still operates. It still beats bread dough (not just batter), after over 50 years. Our mixers today? Very few of them will hold up to that kind of abuse for more than a few weeks.

We design our vehicles with non-interchangeable parts, design them so they have to go back to the factory technicians or certified techs for repair. We have outlawed small two-stroke motors used to convert bicycles into small mopeds, at 200 mpg, due to 'Inefficiency and pollution' and replaced them with 40mpg four-stroke units. We've redesigned tires, redesigned our televisions, by law banned incandescent bulbs and replaced them with flourescent lights that are filled with materials that the EPA says are toxic enough to require evacuation of parts of a building upon their breakage.

Our food continues to be more and more adulterated, chemicals placed in them, and with them that are known to have deleterious health effects. Our vaccines contain the same toxins as our lights, mercury.... mercury thimerosol, in some cases, 20x the maximum allowable dose per pound of weight for an adult, into our most vulnerable population, our children. It is toxic enough that to dispose of it, one would have to move the material to Envirosafe sites, as toxic waste.

We watch with stunned horror as atrocities are committed overseas, by dictators, but close our eyes to the same atrocities done by our own government. We decry torture, but engage in it, and when called for our duplicity, outsource the torture to foreign governments.

Was it not an argument of our very own Declaration of Independence that secret trials, trials by tribunal rather than jury, moving people overseas, denying them a defense, denying them due process or remediation of grievances... was tyrannical?

Was it not an equal argument of our founding fathers that the troops of the Federal Government should never be used against their own citizens?

Was it not, ladies and gentlemen, an argument of those very same founding fathers, that no person should have their rights removed, save by the due process of law, trial by jury, and then only for the time decided by the judge and jury as due recompense for the crime against that society?

If due recompense was paid in, as Winston Churchill wrote 'The hard coinage of punishment', how can any society demand more?

Yet we do. We rail against the felon, reach out to block them reintegration, distrust them, provide no services for them when they leave the system. We provide no counseling, minimal education, minimal support groups... and then wonder, when we push them to the edge of society, at the corruption of the felon.... when we gave them no chance at all to return and be embraced back into the society that they wronged.

Criminal judgements are not about the individual. They are public law, and thus prosecuted by a public attorney, by the state, or county. It was considered worse to be imprisoned than to lose money, so less protections were made upon the courts in private matters.

Now, that selfsame private law is being usurped in an attempt to incarcerate. Regulation is a means of control. It has ever been so. The census itself is regulatory, determining the nature of a population in an area, their affluence, and their influence. The census has equally been used for atrocities. From the Jews, leading to the trials at Nuremberg, to the Japanese-Americans, leading to a presidential apology.... humanity has had a long history of using regulatory registries for purposes quite opposite to their original intent.

From the registration of firearms, to their collection and destruction, as seen in Great Britain, Australia, and Nazi Germany, registration has been utilized to make a free people substantially less than free.

When any people, any nation, makes the choice to allow their own regulation, to allow the registration of their whole, or any part, ultimately, that society and people become less free. The regimentation of laws continues, unopposed, and destroys the origin of that society. When fear becomes the motivation for law, law itself falls, and turns from a scalpel in a surgeon's hands, repairing problems, to a machete of butchery.

What is the ultimate form of control of a people? When the government uses their army, or the army of others, to subjugate the people to their will. This is why there is an absolute prohibition, and has been for over a century and a half, against the use of US troops on US soil against US civilians, and an absolute prohibition against the beginning on the use of foreign troops on US soil against US citizens.

Some may feel that what I write goes far beyond what is accurate or reasonable. This is their right. Some may perceive me as having my own agenda... and indeed I do. That agenda is the restoration of the Constitutional Republic, and the restoration of the rights of all citizens, and the placement of the control of that government back into the hands of the citizens with all due prohibitions on the powers of that government returned to place.

It is patterns, after all, that relate the past to the present. Patterns wend and wind their ways through our world, a warp and weft that can be seen with a small amount of effort. Often, even unconscious effort can create patterns, accidental patterns that lead to similar results. Patterns are a pressure, a tide, written in history that can be applied again, and again,, and unless they are recognized for what they are, cannot be stopped.

Each and every thing I've posted, I have done my best to research. Each and every thing that I have spoken, I stand behind. If what I write is treasonous, or seditious, it is because the government has deviated from the agreement in the beginning. My positions, my goals, my ideals are in line with the origins of the government, of liberty for all mankind, due diligence for their rights and immunities pre-existent to the constitution, and the restoration of constitutional government.

What I write may be shocking, it may be controversial, but it is what I believe to be the truth. Americans are educated away from a great deal. Our history books contain very little on the founding fathers, nothing on the federalist or antifederalist papers, almost nil on the constitutional convention, the origin of the bill of rights, or even the discussions of the Declaration of Independence or history behind it.

When the past is considered dead... when any government agency starts rewriting the past, the future is in jeopardy. Eastasia has, after all, always been at war with eurasia... regardless of what our memories may say.

We might be shoeless and homeless, and not able to get jobs, but after all, the government says everything is ok, so it must be imaginary.

Production of food is up... if we're not getting enough of it, it must somehow be our enemy's fault.

Orwell had a lot of things to say about these very things.. 1984, Animal Farm. The Founding Fathers had a great deal to say as well, as did John Locke.

If you disagree.. do your own research. Look at what I've had to say, and look it up. The journey will be educational either way... and even if we don't agree at the end of it, we'll both be learning.

That is growth.

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