Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An open letter to the Congress

Ladies and gentlemen of the congress,

I hereby exert, and utilize my granted power, and right to remonstrance, and to redress of grievances. But in proportion to the magnitude of this right, is the right of the Congress to know what grievances it has perpetrated, and the pains of the people, and the failings of, not just the congress itself, but of the system involved in the Congress.

The congress was composed of two houses, so as to deliberately slow the debate of bills, the passage, and thus to prevent the passions of the people from undermining their own security, as well as preventing individuals from pushing laws both unconstitutional and unjust upon the people.

We as a nation have forgotten who we are. You as congressmen have forgotten as well, and you should be ashamed of what you have become.

You are the guardians of the constitution, as much as the people are. You are the guardians of the power of the legislature, and guarding against the incursions of the judiciary and the executive branches.

You have failed. Not from action, but from inaction, not from ill intent, in general, but from apathy. You have forgotten your duties in the everyday, humdrum cares of the world, in the fight for reelection, and the ebb and flow of legislative deals, and compromises.

Upon some things, there is no compromise. Those things are the rights of the people, guaranteed in the Constitution, and the duties and limits enshrined in the Federalist Papers, the Constitutional Congresses, and in the body of the Constitution itself.

Your failure is so egregious, as to stand as an attack upon that constitution, and a violation of that constitutional oath that you took upon entry into office. It stands as a shameful example of the waste and bigotry of men, an example of the partisanship and pecuniary interests running rampant upon the floor of the congress.

I am ashamed for you, and ashamed of you. In proportion to the powers wielded by the congress, were the limitations placed upon that power, and the protections of the people in regard to that power. You have usurped those protections, bypassed the protections, and run rampant over the constitution itself.

You have removed the rights of classes of citizens, failed to control a spiraling national debt, created a federal reserve which prints paper money with no worth, and incited the people to give up further on their constitutional protections. You have passed bills which remove the incentives for actual education, then complain of the falling standards. You have removed rehabilitation from criminal systems, and created the largest system of incarceration in the world. You push those who enter into this incarceration system into the fringes of society, where they cannot, and do not, have a chance for the redemption and rehabilitation which was intended in the criminal justice system from the beginning. You have set yourselves up as judge, and jury, and chosen to let the police attempt to enforce laws which are vague, unclear, and in some cases contradictory.

Further, you have grasped powers, denied specifically to the Federal Government, placed upon the people more and more sanctions and prices, and linked our welfare to the oil futures market, which has long demonstrated its volatility.

You introduced a system of taxation which has driven the industry out of the nation, created systems of law and punishment which impermissibly commingle the civil and criminal code, and take away more, and more rights in the interests of security...

but whose security? Who becomes more secure through these laws? The congress itself. They're more and more guaranteed to be re-elected, as the paper vote goes away and the electronic vote enters in its stead. This electronic vote has no oversight from the people, nor does it have the protections against chicanery that even the old Greek system of pebbles had.

Nor does this allow our nation to maintain a system of voting that is anonymous. When we have the identification chip... how long until you require it to vote... and monitor us to make sure we are making the 'proper' vote?

You cede additional powers to the president, in order to gain more for yourself under Interstate Commerce, you claim that the rights of some are not as important as the rights of others, in your bills, and further, in many cases, claim de facto immunity due to the service in congress.

After these things, how can we hope that you will keep your word? When outrage explodes across the nation, you turn with the tides of public opinion, rather than holding to your oath to the Constitution.

This is not the part of wisdom, nor the path which the Founding Fathers wished.

Look to the Federalist Papers.... Look to the Constitution. Look to the very arguments for and against its founding... and ask yourself if your actions truly reflect that.

Then grieve for what you have created, for it is a monstrosity that cries out from the earth with blood on its hands, crying your shame to the world.

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