Saturday, July 12, 2008

For the Greater Good.

Welcome to the future, friends, you've got a danger here,
and you all have to make sacrifices, to make the danger clear,
where the danger's coming from, we just can't be quite sure,
but we can tell you every one, that you're not secure,
can't you hear the scary things that go bump in the night?
won't you give us a little more power so we can join the fight?

For the greater good, you give away your freedom,
for the greater good, you give all that you can
and for the greater good, you give up privacy
all for the greater good of man....

Ignore the voices coming from the next county down,
it's just our enemies encroaching, trying to take the town,
perhaps you're not giving enough to fight what we endure,
can't you give a little more, so to be secure?

Can't you feel the enemies, whispering, to implore?
now we can keep a few guards just outside your door.
For the greater good, we post guards in your home now,
and watch what you spend and what you plan,
and for the greater good, we watch all you do and how,
all for the greater good of man....

How free do you feel now, sitting there in chains,
when we kicked down your door, in spite of all your pains?
You're now the latest enemy, that we must now cleanse,
you're the insect sitting under a magnifying lens...
You have no rights to anything, and we wanted all,
now you're the one stood up, against the firing wall..

How dare you dream of freedom?
How dare you think you might be free?
you've signed away your rights for security,
now who's going to protect you all from me?

Tried By Conscience:

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