Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gaining respect

Glenn Beck, for all the problems I've had with him, has made an impression on me with this one...

And he's right, it does strongly resemble the Wiemar Republic... which ended due to hyperinflation, bringing out a charismatic leader who shoved them down the path of National Socialism, and ended killing millions for 'racial purity', and because they had 'inconvenient political views'.


S.O. said...

Gotta disagree. Wiemar Republic was Democratic Socialism, true, but Fascisim (Nazi's and old boy Adolf) is Far right wing, not left wing. Fascism is the polar opposite to Socialism. Although when dealing with extremes, they differ little on their outward appearance. Fascist -- For the Fatherland!! ( Keep me in power)

Socialism -- For the Motherland!! (Keep us, which I am the strongest member) in power.

Fascism also has another terrible trait, the racial purity you mentioned. Socialism has no such policy. Everyone in Socialism is killed equally from within the Collective. Their hatred was for individual IDEALS. Currently the US is closer to Fascist Doctrine than we are Socialist Doctrine thanks to W, Dick, Gonzales, and the (R) majority in the Supreme Court.

Triedbyconscience said...


Not my term for that, the term Nazi was a shortened version of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). It's ironic, really, that they both play on the passions of the people, and in both of them tyranny inevitably comes into play. I use the term National Socialism, because it's a bit more subtle than hitting people between the eyes with what has come to be known as 'Godwin's Law'.