Thursday, April 23, 2009

A declaration of power.

I was asked to rewrite the document The Federal Government: Committing High Treason into the form of a petition. Perhaps I grow too passionate on the subject, but I must follow my oath to that Constitution, even if it means my life. If my life is taken for stating sincere beliefs, because of the potential for actions of others, then, indeed, our government is fallen. This document is a series of declarations and demands, and the providers of this website are not responsible for the opinions, data, and information contained therein. These opinions are my own, as is the petition following, and I hereby release the providers of this website for any responsibility for me stating those opinions without reserve.

A sad day comes to our nation, when our country is wracked with its own internal pains. When the very things we fought against in the foundation of our nation become commonplace in our lands, in our fortunes, in our very lives, become commonplace in our government, then we have ceased to have legitimate governance.

A high treason has been committed, and remains in its commission. Our government was not set out to take our rights, nor was it set out to establish laws to restrict those rights. It, in and of itself has no rights, only the powers laid down in its foundation, the Constitution.

The charges of high treason are never levied lightly, and it is with great sorrow that the people must pronounce them. We, the People of the United states, are weary of the constant assault upon our persons, and upon our dignities, rights, liberties, immunities, and privileges. When, however, a constant train of abuses and usurpations comes upon the body of the people, it is their right, and their duty to levy the charges of treason where they rightly lay.

Governments are, and have always been founded in powers. Our government's powers were made solitary and limited for purposes that cannot be too strongly expressed. The actions of the British Government, the monopoly of the British East India Company, and the works of their agents in the Colonies were quite broad.

How then, have we returned to this place, when law itself is fallen, affects none save those who cannot defend themselves against it? When the high and mighty are above the law, and the people below it, when law is for lawyers, and not for the people, the rule of law, so necessary to a society, falls.

As was said, the charge of treason is never lightly levied. It must only be charged with the greatest of deliberation, not in the heat of the moment. What may appear treasonous in a moment, may be patriotic in another. However, patterns of abuse, committed across the periods of multiple legislatures, multiple executors, tends to indicate a pattern of usurpation that goes far deeper than accident or coincidence.

The purpose of government was never to subjugate the people, but only to serve them. The police force cannot help you be safe, that is in your own hands. When a government grasps beyond its reach, and usurps the powers of the people that they denied it, and denies them the exercise or the substance of the rights which were reserved to protect themselves from that usurpation, and creates a 'press' to deny others the freedom of the press, engages in the creation of monopoly for their own profit, and establishes the vote of the people in hands other than their own, their powers are null, void, and forfeit, due to the violation of the very contract with which that entity was created.

Our rights have once again become tools in the hands of enterprising speculators, interested more in power and money than in what is good for the nation. We did not cede the states lands for collateral for debts, but for something to be treasured for all into perpetuity, and by the attempt at collateralization of those lands, they have forfeited the loan. We did not cede our bodies, our lives, and our savings to their hands, but they attempt to seize them anyway to make further debt for us.

We are taxed in all things, in birth, in work, in play, in food, in drink, in movement, in life, and when we die for having the temerity of reducing their tax base.

No government may rule save by the consent of the governed... and no longer may we consent. The charges of high treason are those that make war against the United States... and the greatest symbol of the United States is not the flag, it is the Constitution. That founding document, that foundation, is the basis upon all powers, and the very existence of the Federal Government reside. The military itself serves at our pleasure, and in support of that constitution. If our representatives, our senators, our executive branch, and our supreme court have operated, and continue to operate in the support of attacking the purposes, intent, and nature of that constitution, then they have forfeited the high powers therein contained, and are not a legitimate government, of, by, and for the people. By assailing our liberty, assailing our rights guaranteed by that constitution, the powers fall back in our own hands, to restore that constitution to its proper place.

We hereby, by the rights, powers, privileges, and immunities present as citizens of the Several States, proclaim and document the abuses and usurpations of the government of those states, and declare it to be a void government, and to have ceased its operation, ceased its legitimate powers, and take those powers back to the states and the people themselves. We charge the ladies and gentlemen of the house, the senate, the executive branch, and the Supreme Court, with High Treason, making war not only against their own people, but against the constitution.

Whereas: Our Government engages in monopoly, destructive to the purposes of a free society.
Whereas: They support those monopolies by government action, in violation of the prohibition against laws directed to benefit or deny any individual or group.
Whereas: They deliberately create ex post facto legislation to attack and criminalize the exercise of rights.
Whereas: They deny the right to self-protect due to the creation of felonies, and the broaden the meaning thereof, even while denying the right to police protection.
Whereas: They delegate the sovereignty of the nation to foreign bodies where the people have no representation, nor means of recourse or recall, in violation of the charter of the Constitution.
Whereas: They dilute the checks and balances so necessary for a free people, and limited government.
Representation and the vote is left in the hands of enterprising companies, that are connected directly with the very banks that are profiting off our labor, and offering us paper in return.
Whereas: They claim once again the power to engage in rendition, spiriting others away to nations inimical to their freedom and rights, for confession by torture.
Whereas: They claim the power to levy the law by preference, rather than by law, engaging only those who would be profitable for the very monopolies that they have established to maintain the prison system.
Whereas: They have eliminated the writ of habeas corpus for those who are, under the sole opinion of the executive branch, enemies of the United States.
Whereas: They have engaged the troops, levied for our protection, against us in the excuse of protection.
Whereas: They have engaged us in prisons, in jails, to further their goal of the centralization of power.
Whereas: They have encircled us with laws of their own devising, while denying laws both necessary and proper for the control and limitation of the government.
Whereas: They have engaged in spying upon the private citizens of the Several States, and engaged in assaults without warrant, abuses against persons and property without trial, and the severance of the rights of the people without trial.
Whereas: They have subverted the role of the judge, the role of the jury, and left them subservient to the role of the prosecutor.
Whereas: They allow the searches of our computers, our words, our thoughts, without permission or warrant, our conversations and meetings.
Whereas: They allow and establish new departments and new laws over us, with further punishments.
Whereas: They allow and establish prisons, creating the largest prison system on the planet, without any chance of reintegration.
Whereas: They allow the corporations within these prison systems to sell the labor, at great profit, of these prisoners.

Whereas: They deny the freedom of the press, in favor of the freedom of 'the Press' which they have firmly under their control.
Whereas: They deny the rights of the people to be their own investigators of the news, and spreaders of the news, in favor of that monopoly.
Whereas: The federal government has assumed police powers specifically denied by that constitution.
Whereas: They have engaged mechanisms of tyranny, building prisons and relocation centers, prohibited under the constitution.
Whereas: They have seized lands under the guise of preservation, in order to use them as collateral for further loans, again in violation of that constitution.
Whereas: They have repeatedly, and with utter ignorance and malice, attributed information that has no attribution, control, verifiability, or repeatability to back up their laws.
Whereas: They cede control of our territorial waters, of our borders, and remove rights within the states themselves, while failing to protect those borders from those who would criminally cross them.
Whereas: They bring forth further debts, to bind and rivet upon us, and our posterity slavery, when their powers were dedicated to preserve liberty.
Whereas: They allow searches and seizures without warrant.
Whereas: They allow the seizure of property under 'forfeiture', enriching the enforcement agency, who resells them, without the judgment of a court of law.
Whereas: They establish taxes, not for the benefit of the nation, but the benefit of their friends and corporations, and of nations outside the United States with purposes inimical to our own.

Whereas: Affirming the truth of all of the above, by our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor, by our oaths bound to the Constitution and its defense, by our rights and powers vested in humanity itself, and those which that government agreed never to touch, lest it be dissolved as a tyrant: We demand the return to the republican form of government, guaranteed by the constitution under which all rights are preserved for all men. We demand the unambiguous return of the common law to the courts, the abolishment of laws written without a vote, without reading the law, and written in ambiguous language that binds the courts, and the people without recourse. We demand the recall of the lands loaned to the federal government for preservation, for voiding the contract of that preservation. We demand the Governors of the several states recall the military levied from the bodies of the several states in order to return their control to those states which made them up, for the common defense and for the defense of those states against a lawless Federal government which has attempted to usurp those powers. We demand the return of the properties of the several states to those bodies, and the return of all arms and ordinance levied from them to the states armories and to the people themselves. We demand that the unlawful, and illegitimate government that has forgotten its place, its duties, and its limits must step down, that new leadership may be brought to the fore in the spirit, limitations, and powers writ in the constitution, and that all bureaus, organizations, associations, corporations, and monopolies written by that federal government be dissolved in whole, and the groups operating them be placed under investigation for high treason against the Nation, the People, and most importantly that Constitution upon which all such powers are founded. We demand a return to the Constitutional Representative Republic. We demand all representation be recalled from the Federal Government, as the powers vested within that body are corrupt. We demand a return to the anonymous, personal ballot with open oversight of the counting and collection process, chain of custody of the ballots themselves, and storage of those ballots against usurpation by manipulation of their count.

By my sign and seal.

Tried By Conscience.

I hereby release this document into the public domain so long as it remains unaltered, for production, and immediate dissemination via whatever methods are appropriate, effective, and timely.

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