Saturday, November 1, 2008

A funeral.. or is it?

Our United States, referred to as America by the Founding Fathers, has fallen. Beaten and bruised, she lies silent, unconscious, unable to speak. What has come to this pass? How have we come to this, in this great nation?

It would be not entirely fair to say that we brought it on ourselves, as the actions, and inaction of our ancestors brought it into being. It was no less an assassin's bullet than any other, fired from stealth and preplanning. It was no bullet fired from a gun, no, it was more serious than that. As I stand, to pay my respects to the wounded, the teardrops fall from my eyes, my hopes, my dreams, and my future shattered.

It is in times like these that men oft measure themselves, and find their being lacking. It is no different in this wounded America, so close to death. We know we've lost something, something dear, something wonderful that so long we took for granted. She stood ignored, and abused, while we turned our backs on her.

Her monies were stolen from her, the freedoms that were her clothing ripped from her. Her hands bound, her mouth gagged. She has been violated in every way a nation conceived in liberty and equality could ever be violated... but she has stood anyway, silently begging for our intervention.

But can we stand here mourning? She can be reborn, should we open our eyes. She can heal, become who she was once again, but how? Oh dear god, how?

Under our guardianship she has been brought to this state, as, in some cases, our very guardianship turned on her.

We look on a memorial of our failure.. but must we remain in failure? Must we remain lost in our guardianship? From the beginning, what were we? We were free. In our way, our purpose was to extend that freedom to all of our people, to extend that very blessing which once made our nation great.

We've lost so much, with her wounding. Must we remain inactive while she lies there bleeding? Must we not increase our vigilance over the government we placed to guard her liberty? Must we not return to the principles from which she was born?

They say that we are weak, unable to cope with so formidable an adversary, but when shall we be stronger? Patrick henry's words still ring in truth today. Will it be next week, or next year? Will it be when the enemies of personal liberty stand at your door and demand your arms, when you no longer can walk down the street, and when you are arrested, and executed without a trial? The very deepest basis of freedom is attacked now, and none even dare look upon it.

My god, people! Look into your hearts, you who know what you've lost. Look to your very souls, your very being. I could enumerate the beginning of this tragedy... but deep in your hearts of hearts you know the shape of the turmoil, the assault, and the destruction.

The story starts with rich men, purchase of the media, and the creation of a central bank and the elimination of a metal standard... yes, they wanted America for her riches, and they got them. WHen they got many of those riches, they realized that to keep them, they must control the men, and women, who were gifted them from her soil.. and so they instituted credit, interest, and bills of credit... then removed the gold which they had stolen already from the backing. They provided prisons, and laws, which seemed most necessary for the public good. They made lands public lands, in the interests of the people, even while taking those lands and tearing them away from the very public that they were designed to serve.

They abandoned the contract by which they were formed, and ran roughshod over our dear, fallen America. And how can one mourn? Why should we mourn something that has not yet died? Why should we not take back what is ours, return that which is hers, and stand up strong and united to simply insist upon the contract which created, and instituted her guards, and insist that those who have falsely taken that guardianship... step down and return the principles which are her health and wellbeing.

Do we not owe her that much, at least, for her long suffering, and guardianship of us, even as we failed to guard her?

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