Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Changing your world.

Change, change.. .we hear the refrain repeatedly from our congressmen, from our presidents. We hear it so often, sometimes, that it entirely loses meaning. To define change, however, we must first define the problem.

What is the problem then? We've got rights and immunities and freedoms removed, left and right, the exercise of them criminalized, and the ability to speak about it removed more and more. An overwhelming majority of the bills passed before congress are never read, nor debated, as the congress owes its citizens. We see a progressive breakdown, as well, in the legal system, the practice of law only by those with vested interest in the maintenance of that practice, and only a small percentage of those cases ever reaching a jury.

We have a judicial backlog of six months to a year before a jury can hear many cases, and oftentimes longer yet, when the prosecutor can arrange a plea bargain in its stead, to 'hurry things along'.

The problem, in its particular, is a lack of responsibility inherent within government, and within its citizenry, including ourselves. Someone 'should' do this or that.. but who actually does it? Someone 'should' fix this or that... but who actually gets out the tools and gets their hands dirty?

We're educated from the ground up to be entitled, to feel entitled to have the best car, the best home, the best job, without having to work for it. We forget that to replace a sewer pipe, we have to dig out the sod, then dig out the trench first, and wade around in the stink and slime to fix what is broken, and to stop the leak.

Well, guess what, folks, the government is a leaky sewer pipe, and we're going to have to be the plumbers.

Government stinks. There's no doubt about that. It's kind of like a fish, left inside of a car on a hot day in Arizona. One that's recently been in contact with aforementioned sewer pipe. It's somewhere between, in fact, that, limberger cheese, and something you might scrape off of the bottom of a bachelor's sink. But that's not the real problem either, is it?

There's several roots to these problems of laws being flushed, and clogging up the drain of the republic... one is to make a bigger drain. Bigger government is more expensive. It also produces more sewage to flush. One is a down-stream blockage. We seem to be drowning in the sewage produced at this point, as there's no treatment plant. We could also create a sieve at the upstream end, but that holds all the laws there, and eventually the toilet gets clogged. The one advantage to that is they'd have to live with their own stink. (Is that a hint of pork? Bleh)

There is one other answer... we stop feeding them so much. It takes lots of care and feeding to produce lots of sewage. Taxes paid into the system seem to come back on us well after being used and fermenting for a while. Some of the senators appear to have "Irritable Bill Syndrome", as well, and anything that happens, they have a bill movement that runs all over, gets stuck on the side of the bowl, then is pushed down with too much Legal Paper.

Perhaps a more balanced diet would be to their advantage. I mean, nothing but pork, pork, pork all day, and fried politics, leaves the bills in pretty bad shape.

Maybe too, they forget that the laws they flush through the system have to come out somewhere, always on the people that put them into the Congress and White House. (darned porcelain thrones anyway.).

So, multifaceted changes. We install a limited-gallon tank on the toilet (reduce money use) and modify the diet of the congress a bit. Maybe remind them who they work for, and who feeds them. Take them touring the results of their actions, now and then, force them to wade in their own stink. Then point out to them their beltline has been getting a bit flabby here lately, and people are snickering at them.. often to their face.

We're going to have to exercise them (and possibly exorcise a few, as I can see the spinning heads from here), and change their diet. We've so far been feeding them lots of pork... maybe we cut pork out of their diet, and let them feed on a balanced meal of beans and rice. ("And if you want your dessert, Bush, you have to eat your broccoli!)

They still need incentives... say an ice cream cone at the end of the track, but no more slaughtering the whole pig farm to feed them when they actually do less than a hundredth of the job they were put there to do.

So.. problem is a lot of government gluttony and waste, flushing through the system, one part of the answer is vigilance on the part of their caretakers, (us) and feeding them a healthy diet.

Sometimes, though, congress just needs a good time-out. ( We're sorry, but you're not going to get to play with the boys in the senate anymore, you're being a bad influence on them. The president is off-limits too, and we're going to go get back your toys you took from the people and gave to him. Now go back to your room, and I've taken the power cord for your X-Bill and Television.)

The other thing is to hold them responsible for their actions. (Sorry, Senator, your bill movement backed up the system, and flooded this area. You're going to have to clean it up yourself.)

Judges need to be responsible too. (Sorry, judge. Your interpretation of the constitution isn't historically accurate. The latitude given in the constitution doesn't extend to that point, and it's specifically prohibited here, here, and here. And don't forget to floss.)

Ultimately, perhaps, the problem lies within us. We get so afraid of the government, when it blows a bill movement on us, we forget that we're supposed to potty-train it, and keep it out of harm's way. Eventually we forget that we're the ones that are responsible for its actions, and give it the power that it uses to hit us with.

So... to summarize... to change all this, we need to become aware of the problem... to accept the problem exists, and quit not talking about the big bill movement in the middle of the room, or how the government is snickering behind our back. We have to determine the scope of the problem, then decide on steps to deal with it.

We then have to implement the stages in perceivable goals. The first is education of the public on both their duty, (and the congress's doody) and what they've had stolen from them, and dropped down the Congressional Crapper. (I hear there are alligators in those sewers). The people, then, in turn, need to start saying 'This is unacceptable', and to educate others into realizing what is actually going on.

Then we're going to have to approach the Porcelain Throne, cut off the goody bar, reduce the pork in their diets, and in general 'convince' congress that unless they reduce waste, spending, and impositions into our lives, that they not only will be grounded for the next few years, but we'll give all their toys to other people.

Eventually we're going to have to clear up this outbreak of bill movements splattering all over us, or it's going to be a pretty darned stinky future.

Tried By Conscience.

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